September GlossyBox Review


I received the Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance, the Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial, the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, the Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream and the Maghrabian Hair Oil.


I was really apprehensive about trying this the Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance because I’m sometimes a bit wary of celebrity perfumes, but it’s actually a lovely fragrance. It has a really deep, sweet, floral smell. I would recommend it as a going out/ evening fragrance rather than something for the day, though. I’m pleasantly surprised and I’m glad I got to try the sample because I wouldn’t have otherwise!


I applied the Rodial 5 minute facial the same day I got the Glossy Box as I was really excited to try. It’s quite a high end line and most of the products are quite a bit more than I would usually pay for skincare. Therefore, I wasn’t surprised that I really loved it! It left my skin feeling incredibly smooth and I can still feel the effects 2 days later. Also, my skin is pretty sensitive and a lot of face mask products are too harsh for me but not this one. I’m definitely going to either save up for this (OR add it to my Christmas list haha). I haven’t tried the Glamoxy Snake Serum yet but I have a feeling I will like it too.


I don’t usually use eye creams because I don’t really get the point. I haven’t really started thinking about wrinkles and stuff yet, and a lot of people say it isn’t necessary. Therefore I am by no means an expert! The Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream claims to ‘…revitalise, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines…’. I’ve just been standing in front of the mirror to see whether my eyes look any different from usual – I’m not sure! What I do know is that I love the light, natural fragrance of the cream and it didn’t sting at all when I applied it (many general face creams do sting if I apply too much). I’m grateful for the large 7ml sample, it means I have more usages to make my mind up! It isn’t very expensive so I would consider buying the full size version.


The Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream is definitely my favourite product in the box and I love it. It has a light raspberry fragrance, it reminds me off Rachel’s Organic Raspberry Yoghurt which is my fave haha! I didn’t have to use very much to moisturise my entire face even though my skin is really dry. Even though it’s been quite cold and windy the last couple of days, my face has stayed fully moisturised all day. I will definitely be buying the full size version of this.


I haven’t tried the Maghrabian Hair Oil yet, but I’m really glad I received it as I ran out of my usual hair oil last week so I was looking into new ones at the weekend. I’m expecting it will be quite good as it contains the much hyped about Argan oil. My only complaint is that the sample bottle is pretty small so I’m not sure if there will be enough to actually cover my ridiculously long hair. I will be posting a full review at a later date.

I have to add: the box is gorgeous this month! It’s designed by Maggie Li, a London-based illustrator.

What products did you get?

 *I would like to apologise for the state of my nails, I had acrylics on recently and they have not recovered yet*

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Lady Gaga Fame is available online at The Perfume Shop priced at £24.50 for 30ml

Rodial 5 minute facial and Glamoxy Snake Serum are available at priced at £35 for 50ml and £127 for 25ml respectively

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream is available at priced at £20 for 15ml

Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream is available at priced at £22 for 50ml

Maghrabian Hair Oil is available here priced at £24 for 100ml