Toni & Guy hair product review – shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and serum

The first thing I have to mention is the fragrance: I absolutely love it! All of the products have a distinct cinnamon scent. It lingers in your hair, without being overpowering and contending with perfume. I love it, it’s probably my favourite thing about the products. ImageImage

So I’ve been using the Cleanse Shampoo for Fine Hair and Nourish Shampoo for Fine Hair every other dayfor nearly two weeks now. I do have to mention that my hair isn’t particularly fine, but I got the shampoo and conditioner as a present for my birthday. However, I have noticed that my hair is more voluminous since using them! I would definitely recommend these for you even if you don’t have fine hair and are just after a bit more volume.

As my hair is quite long, I’m used to using a lot of shampoo when washing my hair. It took me a few washes to realise that I only need a 50p sized amount of the shampoo as it lathers REALLY well. I used the same amount of conditioner and left it in my hair for around 2-3 minutes every time. Even when my hair was wet I could feel that the conditioner had worked out the majority of tangles in my hair!

The only negative thing I would have to say about the shampoo and conditioner is that the bottles are nearly identical making it hard to distinguish between the two. Now I don’t need reading glasses but I can imagine this could be a problem for some people!

ImageImageMoving onto the styling products. I’ve actually been using these since July, on and off. The Creative Extreme Hold Hairspray is something I use everyday, mainly to deal with my fringe which tends to be pretty difficult to control! It’s a nice everyday hairspray because it isn’t too heavy on your hair meaning that my hair doesn’t look rigid. I do sometimes use a stronger hairspray for more complicated styles.

I really love the Glamour Serum Drops, and it’s my favourite product out of the 4! The bottle says to use between 2-3 drops, so the little 30ml bottle will actually last quite a long time. I use 3 drops and smooth it into the lengths. I find that the serum makes my hair feel healthier and look shinier. It feels like I’ve just stepped out of the hairdresser’s!


All products are available at Toni & Guy’s online store:

Cleanse Shampoo for Fine Hair costs £5.99 for 250ml

Nourish Conditioner for Fine costs £5.99 for 250ml

Creative Extreme Hold Hairspray costs £6.39 for 250ml

Glamour Serum Drops cost £7.19 for 30ml

The website offers free delivery on all orders over £19, so if you’re ordering all the products this would apply to you.

Boots also stocks the Toni & Guy hair range, the prices are the same.

Thank you to the Toni & Guy PR team for the product pictures!


Fushi Wellbeing’s Really Good Cellulite Oil


I was really excited to try Fushi Wellbeing’s Really Good Cellulite Oil! I’ve heard so many good things.

I ordered the product online, which was a great experience – it was easy to register and pay through paypal. After I had placed my order I received regular email updates on my purchase, as well as a discount code to use on my next purchase!

I’ve used the oil twice a day for 6 days now, applying it to my upper thighs and bum, and doing a deep tissue anti-cellulite massage at the same time ( I followed this one). I think that this product is most suitable for someone who does have the time to do this routine regularly, as Fushi recommends that you apply the oil twice a day for the first two weeks and then daily. Also, this product is great for you if you’re on a health kick!

The oil contains ‘Wheatgerm oil and sweet Birch’ to nourish the skin. My upper thighs and bum are an area I often forget to moisturise, so I can definitely see a difference in the condition of my skin. The product doesn’t leave the skin too oily especially if you massage it in really well!

I really like the herbal scent which is thanks to the natural oils in the Really Good Cellulite Oil – including Sesame Seed oil and Jojoba oil. I’m not surprised when I read that the ingredients are 98.75% organic!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product!

Fushi Wellbeing’s Really Good Cellulite Oil costs £19.96 for 100ml online at:

Have you used the Really Good Cellulite Oil? What did you think?

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Coming Soon – Reviews!

So, to get things going I thought I would do some products reviews 🙂

Obviously I need a few days to test the products properly, but I will be posting a review of Fushi’s Really Good Cellulite Oil. It arrived today and I have been really excited to try it out as I have read some really positive reviews of it recently.

To be honest, I am slightly sceptical! I’m teaming the oil with a cellulite reducing massage to make it even more effective (the bottle simply says massage towards the heart). I’m also on a bit of an exercise hype at the moment so hopefully all these things combined will result in a cellulite-free booty 🙂


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